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Our restaurant here in Edgewater is a casual New York style pizzeria that is dedicated to providing a dining experience based on tradition, good service, food and family. Alberto's is operated for the enjoyment and satisfaction of our guests, not for the convenience of our staff or owners. New York style pizza started in the 1920's, and though our recipe has evolved, it is still closest to the original.  Here, you can dine in and sip an ice cold soda, frosty mug of beer, or a nice glass of wine. Both young and old can come to Alberto's for an afternoon or evening filled with excellent food, great memories, along with a casual atmosphere and unique personality that Alberto's has to offer.
" Bon Appetito!  

Our very first Alberto's, York, PA 1959

My grandpa Alberto Salvo had the American Dream and never gave up! 

Come try our tradition!

Most Pizza Restaurants these days produce their products via mass production, everything from the dough to the toppings comes in a bag and offers little to no variety. At Alberto's, pizza is made with fresh dough daily, and a thin crust that is hand tossed and stretched to create the familiar size, shape and taste that New York pizza is famous for. Here at Alberto's we  offer a wide  variety of authentic Italian dishes as well as some American favorites. We also prepare the best pastas, hoagies, stromboli's, calzones and salads anywhere. 

The Alberto's Family

established in 1959